Getting some relief from my pain

My husband has chronic back pain.

For the last couple years, our doctor has been telling him to try CBD oil for the pain.

He told him that if he wants the oil to work better by getting into the bloodstream more quickly, he should hold it under his tongue for about thirty seconds. He didn’t think the CBD could do anything for him, so he pretty much ignored the doctors suggestion. He swore he would never use marijuana, but I wasn’t above purchasing the CBD oil if it was really going to make him feel better. I found an online drugstore that sold CBD in different forms. They had the CBD oil that came in peppermint, cinnamon, chocolate mint and even butterscotch. I kept looking through the online flyer and I found out that the CBD comes in several forms. They had capsules, gummy bears and ointment that I could rub onto the affected area. They even had several different strengths to choose from. I had no idea which I should buy for him. I looked at everything and I thought it would be nice if I could purchase them all, but they were quite expensive. I found that you could purchase the entire selection in a sampler kit. It was a lot less than buying the full size bottles of everything, but there was still plenty of CBD for him to try for almost two months. After a month of his trying the CBD, I began to notice small changes in how he walked and how he was moving. He was still in pain, but the pain was nowhere near as severe as it was a month ago.


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