Easing the pain

My current swing on this road trip has lasted roughly two weeks, & there is no end in sight. I do miss my beach apartment occasionally, however I keep reminding myself that my work is seriously substantial. I can lounge around the property just watching television in my pajamas any time, however these political complications are unquestionably time sensitive. Because of this, I need to work my hardest at the moment, & then care about my time off when it happens… whenever that may be! I particularly don’t want to sound something like I am complaining, because this is the best task I’ve ever had in all my years, & the first task I have ever enjoyed immensely. Basically, I am a major part of a sponsored team that visits multiple states promoting legalization for medical marijuana. I am unquestionably energetic about this subject, because in her final few years my grandmother got a good amount of relief from her pain & suffering due to marijuana use. The fact that she had to risk being labeled a criminal just because she needed medical cannabis is something that still makes me incredibly angry to this day. It fuels my desire to see medical cannabis legal in all 50 states of the United States of America, because people are suffering out there & could use it! There are various political reasons that medical marijuana isn’t legal, however as far as I can tell there are no moral reasons. To answer your next question, no I am not out here pushing for recreational marijuana use. To myself and others this is a medical issue, & marijuana is a plant with fantastic medicinal qualities to help people.

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