Drainage ditch not working properly

When I decided to start growing and cultivating cannabis, I drew an elaborate plan for the greenhouse, ventilation equipment, and drainage system.

On my property, we have a lot of issues with water drainage.

I think our biggest issue is sitting at the bottom of a large field. Before my friends and I started growing and cultivating cannabis, we spent six months building all of our equipment. We built a makeshift greenhouse out of pieces of plywood, old fence posts, and plastic painters sheets. It took three weeks, and we used 25 rolls of waterproof duct tape to put the thing together. My best friend and I also spent two months digging ditches for the drainage system. We knew the rain would be a significant problem, especially during the spring and summer weather. Things were good for the first and second harvest, but we yielded minimal crops. During our third harvest season, we received three times as much rain as normal. During that time, our drainage ditches could not work properly. We had problems everywhere, and we had to call a professional plumber to fix the issue. We spent $18,000, but we ended up with a really nice irrigation and drainage system. Our small marijuana farm won’t have any issues with drainage in the future. I don’t know if we saved this harvest until harvest time, but I think we might have saved the Blueberry Kush, Purple Haze, and White Widow plants. The kush is my best selling product. We even make distillates, waxes, and crumble from it. I hope it can be harvested.


Marjuana farming

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