Customers at a dispensary

I’ve wanted to try marijuana edibles. I used to have a negative opinion about marijuana.  I grew up in a farming community. Everyone believed that marijuana was very addictive and harmful. We were taught from any early age that smoking marijuana would ruin our future. We’d become addicted, lazy, forgetful and probably end up homeless.  We were led to believe that it was more harmful than alcohol and cigarettes. This is actually untrue. Marijuana is not addictive and on one has ever died from an overdose. I have recently learned all kinds of things about marijuana. Cannabis has been proven helpful to people suffering from cancer. Any treatment from plant, which is all natural, is better than manufactured medications.  Medical cannabis does not cause harmful side effects after prolonged use. Things like kidney failure, heart failure and depression are common side effects of conventional medications. Medical marijuana is becoming more widely accepted as more and more success stories come to light. It is being used to treat chronic pain, inflammation and anxiety. Since a skiing accident, I’ve dealt with severe pain. I was unhappy with prescription drugs and looking for a natural alternative. Medical marijuana has been a miracle cure for me. I’ve been able to resume my regular life. I no longer deal with horrible pain. I have gone back to work and have hope for a better future. I have become an advocate of medical marijuana and recommend it to anyone who suffers from pain, stress, addiction, PTSD and all sorts of problems.

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