CBD oil helps calm me in a stressful work environment

The office environment at my job is very hectic.

  • I am in sales, part of a team that shares a bullpen style of office where we all work in a group of desks and technology.

It gets hot in there, both in terms of temperature and in terms of attitudes, and remaining calm can be very difficult. For a while I didn’t know that I was going to be able to handle the stress, but over time I have found ways to adapt. For the other dudes they try to amp themselves up, usually with coffee sometimes with prescription pills. Me, I got the other route and use CBD oil regularly to keep myself nice and chill no matter how crazy it gets around me. Sales jobs are always stressful because your paycheck depends entirely on how much you sell, but the CBD helps me to take my mind off of worrying about it. Being worried and stressed out won’t help me make sales, it will make me sound desperate, while the CBD oil helps me to take the edge off and sound more conversational and confident. I don’t want to give it too much credit, or make it sound like the CBD oil is what is driving me to better sales. That isn’t it at all, but the CBD does allow me to stop freaking out, be myself, and get the sales I deserve. When you go too fast you can get in your own way, and using CBD distillate regularly helps me to slow down and achieve success.


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