Cannabis and booze

The Federal Drug Administration, or FDA, is the group who is charged with approving plus disapproving any form of drugs or supplements that is used for the treatment of various ailments, however one event that must be done prior to any introduction of a new medication is clinical experiments to ensure its safety plus side effects; When it comes to yearly medication that can improve high blood pressure, help stabilize diabetes, plus even lower HDL, it seems that these medications and prescriptions items are approved rather suddenly! However, as you pay attention to the commercials plus the list of side effects that come along with taking these medications you just have to consider if there should have been more testing prior to the drug’s release. When it comes to the approval of medications plus treatments that are supposed to reduce chronic pain plus even deliver relief to those who suffer from annoying and life-altering upset disorders, it seems that the FDA takes forever in many cases, then for this reason medical marijuana has become so good for many who suffer from various diseases. With a proven track record of blocking pain, you would think that the use of medical marijuana would just be an accepted method of pain relief Nationwide, however, there are so many states that have it listed as an illegal item even if used under the advice of a physician. This issue forces individuals to seek out methods, both legal plus illegal, to figure out how to get the relief that they need or that a family member is desperate for. In many cases it would be beneficial if the approval of these type of herbal treatments could be done quicker rather than some of the man-made drugs that can be more addictive or are likely to cause radical side effects, unfortunately, this does not seem to be in the works anytime soon.

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