Cananbis makes for a fun time

My partner in addition to I have had some of the worst fights before, but this one easily takes the cake. He has been sleeping on the couch for numerous evenings in a row, in addition to I’m starting to feel that maybe I was wrong. I have literally never seen him this mad before, in addition to he is refusing to back down but he has regularly given me my way in the past. The concern started with him smoking in the property, however I had asked him not to do that. One afternoon I came back to our property to find the entire beach house filled with the pungent smell of marijuana smoke, enough to choke me up pretty bad. I told him about the rule in our place of no smoking, in addition to he said that applied to tobacco, not cannabis. I explained to him that no smoking easily meant no smoking, even if he was smoking cannabis. Also, marijuana is still illegal in this state separate from a prescription so there were a few good reasons I didn’t want him doing it. Fast forward a few more nights, in addition to I find out he has been eating marijuana edibles. This lead to another pressing fight, the one he wouldn’t back down on, because the rule was basically about smoking, not about cannabis in other forms. He said to myself and others that he could respect my aversion to the smell of smoke, but if I was trying to tell him he couldn’t use cannabis in any form after that I could shove it. I suppose I didn’t fully understand just how much my partner appreciated cannabis, although I suppose edibles are something I can in time learn to live with.

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