A marijuana idea

The Food and Drug Administration, aka the FDA, is responsible for approving & disapproving any US medication that is to be taken for the treatment of several ailments. One thing that must be done prior to any marketing of any new medication is clinical studies to ensure its safety & side effects, then when it comes to capsules that can improve blood flow, help stabilize blood sugars, & even reduce the odds of heart attacks, it seems that these drugs are approved rather abruptly. However, as you listen to the advertisements & the list of side effects that come along with taking these medications most people would just have to wonder if there should have been better clinical trials ahead of time. When it comes to the approval of medications & treatments that can alleviate troublesome symptoms & even supply relief to those who suffer from debilitating and terrible health problems, it seems that the FDA drags his feet in several cases, for this reason being able to use medical marijuana has become a life-saving treatment for quite a few folks who suffer from several diseases. With a decent track record pain relief you would not be wrong to decide that the use of medical marijuana would just be an accepted practice throughout the whole country, but, there are so several states that have it listed as an illegal substance regardless of whether or not you are using cannabis for medical purposes. This issue forces regular people like you and me to seek out ways, both legal & illegal, to obtain the relief that they crave or that a family member has to have. In several cases it would be beneficial if the approval of cannabis or other herbal treatments could be pushed through the the bureaucracy faster than average rather than some of the non-plant based drugs that can be more addictive or lead to even worse health problems from side effects. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be happening quickly enough.

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