A cannabis treatment

It appears that cannabis, or otherwise known as medical marijuana, is in the news all the time! I get quite annoyed listening to people in power that are fighting against the use of medical marijuana.  For me, cannabis for medical treatment is a unquestionably personal topic. I have a little boy who suffers from debilitating seizures. Each time I have a discussion with our medical practitioner about my little boy’s condition, we always discuss medical cannabis oil. We live in a part of the country that has not yet approved the use of medical cannabis oil for treatments so my husband and I are forced to give our little boy several medications that have serious side effects in an effort to limit his seizures. In our opinion, the government should take into account the side effects of harmful medicines that have been approved by the FDA that are much more harmful than cannabis oils. For many people, CBD oil has unquestionably little side effects plus do not give the patient the same “high” factor that the actual plant has. Many marijuana farms cultivate only medical strains of the plants that do not have the THC in them. As of parent of a little boy who suffers daily from an extreme medical condition, I am seriously considering moving to a new place that has legalized the use of medical marijuana for the benefit of our child. It is just a pity that this day in age our family has to consider making such a immense economic decision in order to have our little boy live a somewhat normal life. I hope the cannabis stigma ends soon.

medicinal marijuana 

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